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it@cork and KerrySciTech are two clusters in the South-West of Ireland focused on the science, technology and engineering community, as well as associated tech enabled businesses and sectors throughout our region. With over 25 years of combined experience between them they have a deep understanding of the tech, business and innovation ecosystem in the South-West.  

Over the last number of years, both clusters have connected and collaborated on a number of strategic initiatives, including talent attraction, development and retention; upskilling and reskilling through Tech Industry Alliance Skillnet; and best practice, knowledge and information sharing through various fora and events, all with the overarching aim of providing maximum benefit and value to members of all sizes and development stages across the South-West and wider Southern region in Ireland.


With the pandemic reshaping workplaces and a new era of work already here, in addition to the challenges of geopolitical instability, economic volatility and an increasingly competitive talent market, both clusters agreed that the timing was right to combine resources and deliver services in a better-together model by building on the shared experience of our teams, to scale up our existing services and design new ones in response to changing needs.

By consolidating our offerings under our new umbrella brand Tech Industry Alliance (TIA) we can ensure our efforts are optimised for maximum impact. Together, we are building something powerful so that on behalf of our valued members and stakeholders, we can capitalise on future opportunities and play a pivotal role in driving the long-term sustainable growth of the region. Through the establishment of Tech Industry Alliance (TIA), we are creating a collaborative vehicle for industry to leverage our existing networks and create strategic partnerships which will benefit the entire enterprise ecosystem and deliver impact right across local economies in Cork and Kerry and the wider region.

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