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Why Hubs?

Armed with a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection, geographic distance is no barrier to your career. There are co-working hubs dotted around the South West, so you could be sitting in an office overlooking the Lakes of Killarney one day, peering out the South Mall in Cork another day and all while working remotely in one of Ireland’s most innovative regions.

Working from your kitchen might seem like the ideal solution, but distraction, poor infrastructure, and isolation can all push you to look for a work space outside your home. Hubs across Cork and Kerry offer co-working office spaces that solve your problem. Remote employees, freelancers, and start-up entrepreneurs use shared office space to build communities of like-minded individuals. They get inexpensive access to high-quality office facilities, as well as support and social engagement from other hub users.

Hubs allow people working remotely to achieve a lot more than they would achieve on their own.

They promote community, collaboration, accessibility and rural revitalisation. Share ideas in a modern, comfortable environment providing all the advantages of a typical modern office (without the high costs), combined with the flexibility and independence of remote working.

Our South-West region is well placed to leverage hubs as a way of encouraging the full talent potential of people keen to live and work here. Rural areas are becoming revitalised and the work-life balance is being restored on the strength of hubs in various locations across the entire region.





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