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Tech Industry Alliance Leaders Awards 2023

Celebrating Leaders of Excellence & Innovation

Leader’s Awards is an annual event recognising the leading companies in the South West region of Ireland. From global multinationals to schools and start-ups, the Leaders Awards recognise those who have showcased their unique talents in the use of technology in their respective organisations and businesses.

The 2023 Tech Industry Alliance Leaders Awards will take place on the 10th of November in the Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork. Nominations for the Tech Industry Alliance Leaders Awards open on 14th of August 2023 and will remain open until the 6th of October 2023 (unless otherwise stated).  Finalists must be available during the week of 23rd – 27th October for virtual interviews with the Judging Panel.  All nominations received by Tech Industry Alliance must have satisfied the eligibility criteria on the date of application. 

Finer details, terms and conditions can be downloaded here: Tech Industry Alliance Leaders Awards Categories, Eligibility Criteria & Judging Process 2023

Find out more about the event here: Leaders Awards Gala Dinner Night


Who can apply?

The Tech Industry Alliance awards are typically of interest to technology or technology related organisation that operate in or from the South West region of Ireland. However, Tech Industry Alliance are also open to nominations from the Munster region. If you have any questions about nominating a company, please contact with your query.

Tech Start Up of the Year

  • The company is under 3 years old (from date of incorporation).
  • At least 1 fulltime founder.
  • Compelling Customer Value Proposition.
  • Validated market opportunity.
  • Validated business model.
  • MVP developed and validated.

This award goes to a start-up in the region that is developing and marketing innovative technology products or solutions. In particular this award celebrates companies that are disrupting traditional business models in new ways.

Tech Scale Up of the Year

  • Market validated product.
  • Can demonstrate significant growth in the company.
  • Full time management team in place.
  • Can articulate a breakthrough in business strategy.
  • Large market opportunity.
  • Resources available to grow.

This award goes to a company who are on the cusp of a major leap forward in their business. Nominees may include companies that are making waves, established businesses about to go global, or perhaps a business that has gone through a period of transformation and now emerged as a serious player in their sector.

Multinational of the Year

  • Technology company with an international presence with over 250 employees.
  • Must have substantial, meaningful presence in the South West region (or have plans for same).
  • Strong contributor to the economy.
  • Can demonstrate long term plans for their organisation in the region.

This award goes to a multinational company with a substantial presence in the South West region that has shown a real commitment to the future growth of the technology sector in the South West.

Excellence in Education

  • Award is open to primary and post primary sectors.
  • Schools must be based in the South West.
  • Initiatives which enable students to develop software and / or hardware design and development skills will be prioritised.

This award recognises the efforts of a school that achieves “Excellence in Education” through the development of student and / or teacher IT skills. The awards will go to the school that can demonstrate an outstanding technology initiative that benefits the school and / or the South West region.

Smart Technology Innovation Award

  • The innovative nature and creativity of the application.
  • The innovation’s economic viability and its potential for job creation OR the innovation’s social impact on the region.
  • It’s application to enhancing the South West’s reputation as a Smart Region.
  • The innovation can be a product, process, service, project, or a business model.

This award goes to an organisation that has developed / integrated a technological innovation which has been demonstrated in the South-West region and will shape the cities and regions of tomorrow.

Tech Industry Alliance Skillnet Best Learning Workplace Award

  • This award is open to all technology or technology-related organisations that operate in or from the South West region of Ireland.
  • Be able to demonstrate commitment to upskilling and professional development.
  • Be able to demonstrate a positive culture that is mindful of people’s mental health and wellbeing.

The ‘Best Learning Workplace Award’ will be presented to an organisation that embraces a holistic approach to Learning and Development; with encouragement, opportunity, and support for people to grow in skills, confidence, and resilience in the workplace.

Diversity, Inclusion & Social Impact

  • The Diversity, Inclusion and Social Impact award may be for a one-off or series of initiative(s) run by an organisation, or as part of a long-standing, structured Diversity, Inclusion & Social Impact program. 
  • The company should have a proven track record in Diversity, Inclusion & Social Impact activity.

The Diversity, Inclusion & Social Impact award recognises the active involvement of an organisation and its team directly or through a partnership on diversity and inclusion initiatives and / or charitable, voluntary or community projects in its locality. They should have had a quantifiably positive effect on diversity & inclusion in their organisation or had a positive social impact on the local community over the last year/s.

Environmental Sustainability Award

  • The Environmental Sustainability award may be for a one-off or series of initiative(s) run by an organisation, or as part of a long-standing, structured program. 
  • The organisation should have a proven track record in Environmental Sustainability activities.

Environmental Sustainability is a social goal pertaining to the ability of people to co-exist on Earth over a long time. The Environmental Sustainability Award recognises the active involvement of an organisation directly or through a partnership on environmental sustainability initiatives. This could involve: positively impacting emissions such as greenhouse gases and air, water and ground pollution emissions; managing resources use such as whether a company uses virgin or recycled materials in its production processes; contributing to the stewardship of water resources and land use (e.g. impacting deforestation or biodiversity disclosures) etc.