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Tech Industry Alliance Skillnet and Cyber Skills Announce Partnership

A partnership between Tech Industry Alliance Skillnet (TIAS) and  Cyber Skills will see some Cyber Skills courses receive a subsidy of up to 30% Cyber Skills, an educational alliance between MTU, UL and TU Dublin to provide cutting edge cyber security courses has now partnered with the Tech Industry Alliance Skillnet (TIAS) to have their courses subsidised. This link-up will enable Cyber Skills to offer their courses to eligible companies at a subsidised rate, with TIAS providing close to a 30% discount.

This collaboration aims to empower professionals with the opportunity to up-skill and re-skill in the dynamic field of cyber security. Cyber Skills offer fully online, flexible, university-accredited micro-credentials and career-specific training pathways.

Jacqueline Kehoe, Project Manager at Cyber Skills, spoke about the joint-effort, highlighting the organisation’s core philosophy: ‘At Cyber Skills, we strive to blend the finest of academia and industry to develop the most relevant cyber security courses. This partnership with Tech Industry Alliance Skillnet is a testament to the power of like-minded organisations coming together to make Ireland safer by making cyber
security education more accessible.”

Annette Coburn, Tech Industry Alliance Skillnet Network Manager, added, “We welcome this collaboration with Cyber Skills and MTU in assisting more people and companies to access these university-accredited programs at such competitive prices, which will significantly contribute to increasing the number of cybersecurity professionals in Ireland.”

List of available courses:

Prospective candidates interested in learning more about these courses, eligibility criteria, and the application process are encouraged to visit Cyber Skills Website.

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