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Our Working Groups and fora are designed to connect members through a shared interest and common agenda. Our groups are focused on specific strategic programmes of work, projects, events or key focus areas. Each group provides the opportunity for members to collaborate on a specific project, exchange knowledge and share ideas and be part of a coordinated and collaborative team to drive results and impact across the region. 

Join one of our working groups now to contribute to the growth of our tech and business ecosystem in the South-West.

Our Tech Talks provide our tech and business leaders community with regular opportunities to meet and network, before hearing inspiring headline speakers from indigenous and international technology companies. We make sure our tech talks are on trend with previous topics covered including:  Open Source, Gaming, Cyber Security, AI, Industry 4.0, IPv6  plus much more. Our Tech Industry Alliance Tech Talk is led by John McSweeney, Gas Networks Ireland

Our Tech Industry Alliance community includes passionate and active Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) advocates. We have embedded DEI in all we do and strongly believe that it is a key driver of ensuring organisations can evolve, innovate, problem-solve, and be more efficient. We have also seen how a commitment to DEI in member organisations has continued to help improve morale, strengthen employee loyalty, attract quality talent, foster a sense of community and boost employer branding. In 2014 we launched our Diversity in Tech series, which has now evolved into ‘Diversity Matters’. Our series of events showcase, discuss and promote the need for, and benefits of, diversity & inclusion in today’s world. These events provide a platform to connect, gain knowledge, support and information so you can embrace and embed DEI in your organisation. Our Tech Industry Alliance Diversity Matters is led by Laura Hughes, Cloudera. 

Just like its name suggests, our TechBrew events are informal gatherings of our tech community where we get together to chat, network and share experience over a bite and a beverage. The focus is often on strategic and management issues faced by business managers, technology leaders and product managers within our industry. The first part of TechBrew events follow the theme of the event and gives a number of speakers 10 minutes on the ‘soapbox’ followed by contributions from the floor!  The informal setting allows attendees an opportunity to discuss and share their views, challenge conventional wisdom, and learn from one another. Our Tech Industry Alliance Tech Brew is led by Donagh Kiernan, Tenego  

Addressing the global STEM skills shortages by growing, developing and retaining the right skillsets for our member companies in the region is a key focus for Tech Industry Alliance. As the leading cluster for tech and tech enabled businesses in Ireland’s  South West, we are well placed to bring all the key stakeholders across industry, academia, government and the wider community together to look at the current talent trends across the South-West and gather perspectives on the causes and correlations. Through our regular Tech Industry Alliance Talent Forum meetings, we are working on innovative interventions and solutions to address the talent conundrum and increase the talent pipeline for all our members. Our Tech Industry Alliance Talent Forum is led by Gerry Murphy, VMware.

Our HR Leaders Circle shares the concerns of our Tech Industry Alliance Talent Forum with talent attraction, development and retention high on its agenda, but with specific short to medium term HR or People related issues a key priority for the group. Through our HR Leaders Circle, we are providing a platform to identify specific HR or People related issues (e.g. employee engagement, employee wellbeing), receive specialised information and interventions (e.g. remote working policies, leadership training) and relevant updates and networking opportunities with peers who wear the HR, People, Organisational Development hat in your organisation.

Our Evolve Series was launched in 2021 and continues to go from strength to strength. This series of events showcases innovative tech and tech enabled companies to our Tech Industry Alliance community and beyond. The event features young, up and coming tech companies presenting their sales pitch to a panel of representative decision-makers from established buyer companies, we aim to bring emerging companies, products and solutions to the attention of larger companies and showcase the exciting young innovative companies in the region, which can often operate for some time before coming to the fore.  Our Tech Industry Alliance Evolve series is led by Larry O’ Donoghue, CorkBIC.

Aimed at SMEs seeking to efficiently and effectively use technology to improve their business, this open and engaging forum showcases SME technology success stories and provides a reliable jargon-free source of information, resources, tools and knowledge around technology. We are demystifying technology and helping SME owners from all sectors understand the potential for readily available, affordable solutions that drive tangible improvements in their businesses. We partner with organisations such as Cork Chamber who also are focused on supporting the SME community across the region. 

Launched in 2020, Tech Industry Alliance runs an exciting executive fireside chat series which has included past speakers such: Sunny Lu, Co-Founder & CEO of VeChain and Bipul Sinha, CEO of Rubrik. These virtual events see CIO’s from organisations across the globe join a conversation with Tech Industry Alliance leaders  around their careers, their views on technology trends and advice for those wanting to follow in their footsteps.

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